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Must have when Muse on Move for Modeling © Surinder Singh

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Must have when Muse on Move for Modeling

by Surinder Singh

Must have for female models when on move on modeling assignments ...

You may be just going first time for modeling / audition or an established professional model, all you must have when you are going to be muse for creative purposes. You must be calm and within your comfort with all required items you are in need while performing your modeling duties. It's not required but, yes better to remind you must take a good nap before to be more awaken will all your energy to even improvise perfectly.

It's better to be prepared with all prerequisites. So that you left professional zest for modeling and you may be remembered long in good books of professionals and organisers.

These are Must have when Muse on move for Modeling:

1. Your Modeling Portfolio
You must carry your professional modeling portfolio or look book with you even if you are already selected for modeling assignment. You may also carry your comp cards if you are representing yourself as a freelance model.

2. Make-up Kit
You must carry your basic make-up kit starting from foundation to mascara at need of hour. Don't forget to carry face and makeup cleanser along with moisturizer. Yes, face towel and tissue paper is good advice at this point.

Must Have for Modeling
3. White, Black and Nude Coloured Undergarments
Muse must have white, black and nude coloured undergarments. It's always better to have strapless, sports and push up bras with you.

4. Hair Care
You must care for your hair and carry all items required for the same as comb, brush, hair pins, hair clips, ribbon, hair extensions, hat, scarf etc.

5. Foot Wears
You must carry atleast white and black flats, heels and shoes as possible. You can ask upfront what to bring in foot wear. I know once a model wasn't selected for an event only because she was not carrying heels with her.

6. Toiletries
It's always good to take care of toiletries for personal use and must have them if you are on move out of station for a day or two.

7. Repairing Kit
It's better to have a sewing needle with at least white & black thread and glue to fix fashion items at the hour of need.

Other items such as your money purse, pen, notepad, mobile with charger, travel bag with wheels along with water bottle and snacks are general items you should take care of while travelling.


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