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1. Dagging decorative edging which originated in Germany. The material was cut or serrated in a number of different patterns.
2. Dalmatic a long, wide robe with flaring sleeves, that was often made from white Dalmatian wool. It is still sometimes worn by Church dignitaries.
3. Devantiere women's riding attire which is split at the back, common to the seventeenth century.
4. Dhoti into-iranian loin-cloth.
5. Djellaba a type of North African hooded cloak with long wide sleeves.
6. Dolly childish look popular in 1960, consisted of little girl dresses and jackets, mary jane shoes and little make-up.
7. Doublet/Pour point a quilted garment. Padded with a material and then stitched in place it has been a versatile garment over the centuries.
8. Duckbill Shoes exaggeratedly wide shoes which were popular in the late fifteenth century.


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