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1. Engageantes finishing on women's gown sleeves. Usually ruffles of lace at the cuff of the gown.
2. Epaullette collar of lace which often was large enough to cover the shoulders.
3. Epitoga wide, unbelted robe worn over a toga. Also a type of hood worn by those in french parliament, for ceremonies. Eventually reduced to a symbolic form on academic or magisterial robes.
4. Escarpins low-cut flat slippers.
5. Esprits plume of feathers standing upright in hair or hat, during the first quarter of the nineteenth century.
6. Estrain straw used for making hats during the middle ages.
7. Exomide tunic of the working class in Greece later adopted by the Romans. Very short and sleeveless the tunic was completely open down the right side.


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