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1. Faces flat locks of hair framing the face in the Directoire period.
2. Facings edging done with fine fur or rich cloth. Lining of garments was done with more ordinary types of cloth but visible cuffs and such, were edged more elaborately.
3. Falling Band Collar collar which lay on shoulders without support.
4. Falling Ruff unstarched ruff which fell in tiers on the shoulders.
5. Farthingale structure of wood, bones, wires etc. which supported the large shape of the skirts.
6. Fedora velour hat with high tapering crown.
7. Ferreruolo long velvet cape worn by Spanish men in the sixteenth century.
8. Ferroniere small jewel attached to a chain which is suspended on the forehead.
9. Fibula pin or brooch, which was used to hold together various male and female garments.
10. Fichu triangular piece of material draped over low neckline.
11. Floating Panels long flat sash worn hanging straight down from either from the shoulders or the waist.
12. Fontage linen hat with tall erections of lace and ribbon supported by wire.
13. French Hood bonnet worn at back of head with a front border curving around the ears.
14. Frogging decorative loop fastenings.
15. Full-Bottomed Wig shoulder length wig that was parted in the middle with curls framing the face.
16. Furbelow deep, puckered flounce.


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