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1. Haik Royal a garment worn by Egyptian Pharaohs and queens, it was made of a light, sheer material and it was draped carefully over the wearers body.
2. Hanger Type Sword worn from the waist band, usually under a coat.
3. Hennin insulting term for the tall, horned head-dresses.
4. Himation Greek mantle made from a rectangular piece of cloth, that was draped in various elaborate ways.
5. Hose knitted or cut from cloth early hose covered the foot and part of the leg. In the sixteenth century the garment was split into two categories, upper hose which is now known as underwear, and lower hose or stockings.
6. Houppelande full overdress with wide flared sleeves, usually made with rich, ornate fabric.
7. Huque military style cape, short and flowing for easy mobility. The cape also was open at the sides for unrestricted motion, it was often decorated with jewels and trimmed with fur.
8. Huve tapered cornet projecting from each side of the head and being held in place with long pins. This type of women's headdress was popular in the early fifteen hundreds.


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