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Fashion Glossary

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A line fairly narrow in the shoulders and bustline slowly extending to a wide hemline. The look was introduced by Christian Dior in 1955.
Aba name for a short, open-fronted coat, usually made from a coarse material of the same name.
Abolla Roman military cloak, worn short in length, over one shoulder and fastened at the throat with a fibula.
Accessories extraneous items including belts, jewellery, hats, bags etc
Agal modern Arab head-dress. Consists of a scarf wound around the head and held in place by its own fringes tucked into the roll.
Aglet, aiglet or aiguillette a metal tag attached to a ribbon used to fasten articles of clothing. They were popular during the late Middle Ages and Tudor period, although today they are still found on some traditional military costumes. They were replaced by buttons or hooks as fastening devices.
Aigrette describes a plume of feathers worn in woman's hair.
Alb long white tunic made of linen, worn by Romans. It was a secular garment, worn by both lay persons and priests, until the ninth century when it became a strictly liturgical garment.
Albanian Hat hat with a high crown and raised front, trimmed with a feather. This style was made popular by portraits of Henry IV.
Alencon Lace an exceptionally fine hand-made French lace dating from the seventeenth century.
Amice a hood of white linen, worn by priests up to the thirteenth century. From then on it was only worn by canons, who reduced it to a band of fur, the emblem of the wearers.
Amictus the generic term which refers to all draped garments, from ancient Roman times.
Amigaut slit at the neck of both male and female garments to make them easier to put on.
Anaxyrides Greek name for Persian long trousers.
Arms eye term dressmakers use to describe where the sleeve is joined to the bodice of the garment.
Artois uni-sex overcoat of the eighteenth century, which was named after the Count of Artois, brother of Louis XVI. The coat consisted of several overlapping capes and was generally calf-length or longer.
Ascot a cravat with wide ends which men wore frequently in the mid-nineteenth century.
Astrakhan tightly curled wool from the karakul lambs of Russia, widely used for collar and hats.
Attiffet women's headdress which arced on either side of the head and was covered by a veil which fell in a point. Popular style in sixteenth century.

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