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Fashion Glossary

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Bag-Wig powdered wig with ends tied into a black silk bag. Worn during the eighteenth century.
Bagnolette short hooded cape which was fashionable at the beginning of the eighteenth century.
Baigneuse large, finely-tucked bonnet worn with the negligee, was originally worn in the bath but later was extended to day-wear.
Balandran medieval rain cape, as named in the south of France.
Baldric a sash worn across the chest, which was used to carry personal effects, horn, sword etc.
Banyan half-length men's jackets in Indian linen cloth. For wear to town or indoor wear.
Barbet(te) veil clipped above the ears to either the hair or a head-dress, covering the neck and chin.
Basque the continuation of an upper garment below the belt forming a short skirt.
Bell-shaped shape stiffly belled out from a narrow bustline or from the waistline, and was used for both long and short dresses.
Beluque a type of women's shawl in the fifteenth century.
Bibis originally the name for a tight fitting bonnet with lace and decoration. It later came to mean any small elegant hat.
Birrus Romans of all classes wore these garments which were rough cloth that formed a hooded cloak.
Blanchet a type of doublet cotton with sleeves, a collar and fur-lining.
Bliaud long over gown worn by both sexes. The male version was worn under his chain mail, while the woman's was richly ornamented and worn pinched with a belt. Popular in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries.
Bloomers women's trousers gathered in just above the ankles. Named after Mrs. Amelia Jenks Bloomer the woman who invented them.
Boater a style of hat that was introduced by the boat enthusiasts, and quickly became fashionable as summer wear. The hat was round with a flat-top and a flat brim, it was worn by men, women and children.
Braccae term used to generally describe a long piece of cloth that was wrapped around the hips and legs, worn by Barbarians and northern Europeans.
Braces another name for suspenders. Implements used to hold up pants.
Bractiates fastening pins used by the Merovingians.
Branc women's smock.
Brandenburg decorative clasps on outer garments.
Brigandine type of armour first worn by the brigands or foot soldiers, who favoured it because of it's light weight. Constructed with a doublet of cloth or leather covered by scales of metal and covered again with a layer of cloth or leather.
Brodequin there are three different types of brodequin, all of them are light weight shoes. The first type was that worn by young men inside their boots during weapons practice, the second type was that worn by elegant ladies in the nineteenth century for dancing and the third was worn by religious men (priests, monarchs) and were like elaborately decorated stockings.
Bucksain man's padded over-coat with fairly wide sleeves, popular in the mid-nineteenth century.
Buffonts a scarf used to cover the decolletage of women's gowns in the late eighteenth century.
Bum-roll padding in a half-moon shape which was worn around the hips, that the skirt's material was stretched over. It was used like a farthingale, to give the skirt shape.
Bustle after the decline in crinoline, this wire or whalebone cage was used to maintain the fullness of the skirt.
Butch masculine style which included tailored suits, leather coats, and boots. This style was popular briefly in the late 1950's.

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