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Fashion Glossary

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Rebato brass underwire in ruff of Spanish clothing.
Redingote waisted coat with large collar and revers, single or double breasted with cut-away tails.
Reefer thigh-length coat, popular with seamen.
Reticule woman's hand-bag.
Revers the turned back edge of a coat or waist-coat, also known as facings.
Rhinegrave upper stocks with loose, flowing legs. Often richly decorated, especially with ribbon bows.
Ricinium square veil worn by Roman women on their heads.
Robe Anglaise child's dress of the late nineteenth century.
Robings flat trimmings which decorated around the collar and the bodice.
Rochet small collarless coat, with sleeves that reached no further that the elbows.
Rond sausage-shaped pad over which women built their hair.
Ropa woman's outergarment which is open all the way down the front, with a straight collar (sixteenth and early seventeenth century).
Rotonne the lower collar of a man's coat specifically the Redingote.
Ruff starched collar of lawn or cambric which completely encircled the neck. Popular in the late sixteenth century.
Ruffle a strip of fabric pleated to a straight edge as a frill.

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