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Fashion Glossary

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Sack Coat any short masculine coat.
Sack Gown loose gown with box pleats in the back.
Sacristan light brass wire farthingale worn in Spain until about sixteen-seventy-five.
Safari things such as belted or vented jackets, pleated pockets, and button down flap composed this look.
Sagum a rectangular piece of cloth worn by the ancient Celts. It was draped over the shoulders and at night it doubled as a blanket.
Sampot cloth which the Cambodians would tie around their waist and drape it between the legs, so that it resembled pants.
Sari a length of fabric wound around the body of Hindu women.
Sarong long cloth which is wrapped around the entire body.
Sbernia a long scarf which was attached to the shoulder by a pin, it was worn by women in Spain and Italy.
Schenti loincloth worn in ancient Egypt.
Segmentum band of cloth covered with gold and precious gems used to decorate the garments of Roman women.
Shift look under chemise.
Simarra equivalent of the Spanish ropa and the French marlotte. An outergown which was worn open over an undergown.
Slashings arrangement of various slits in clothing to reveal a different colour of the undergarment or another layer.
Slicker waterproof coat made with oilskin or a rubberized material.
Slops large breeches which came to the knees.
Snood netting which covered the headgear. In the fifteenth century it was decorated with pearls and jewels and worn directly on the hair.
Soccus wide cloak, worn by royalty in the Middle Ages on ceremonial occasions.
Solea the simplest Roman sandal. It consisted of a wooden sole and a cord passing over the foot.
Solleret piece of armour protecting the foot.
Sottana a undergown, sometimes in alternately different coloured bands of cloth. Worn by young girls as an outergown.
Spencer very short waisted jacket worn over women's empire dresses.
Stivali light boots which were fitted to the leg in France. Usually in black but sometimes in red, they were popular in the twelfth to late fourteenth century.
Stock close-fitting wide neckcloth.
Stola long, lightweight robe with sleeves. Belted often in two places and worn by Roman women.
Strophium band of linen used to support the breasts of women in ancient Rome.
Subligaculum piece of cloth wrapped around the waist and between the thighs, fastened under the fork.
Subucula wool under-tunic worn by the Romans to protect from the cold.
Surtout term that was used to refer to all types of men's coats and cloaks.
Swag hanging folds of material used to decorate women's gowns towards the end of the eighteenth century.
Sweet Gloves scented Spanish leather gloves.
Synthesis though the exact use is unknown, it was a tunic which was worn by Romans during meals; but never in public.

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