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Fashion Glossary

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Macaroni young man dressed in the height of fashion in the seventeen-seventies.
Madder plant that can make bright red dye.
Mameluke sleeve that is tied at different intervals down the sleeve to produce puffs of fabric.
Mantelet a shawl worn around the shoulders.
Manteline richly decorated short parade garment worn over armour.
Mantilla Veil draped over head and shoulders; Spanish origin.
Mantle a cloak or cape that has been around since the fifteenth century. Bunched at the neck with a round or pointed hood.
Mantua gown loose bodice gown worn with open front revealing petticoat.
Mathilide broad vertical bands of embroidery on women's dresses at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Later the embroidery was extended to the hemline of the dress.
Medici Collar standing collar made of either netting or lace.
Mentonierres frills of bonnet which frame the face.
Mob Cap linen nightcap worn by women in the mid-eighteenth century.
Moufles or Mitons fingerless gloves worn by those who did rough work or hunted.
Muff band of fur that was sewn in loop to protect hands from the cold.
Muscadin Dandy of the late eighteenth century, named after a scented pastille of musk which he carried.
Muslin name given to a large variety of light weight fabrics from the East, though the original was silk with gold.
Muu-Muu shapeless dress usually worn as maternity wear.

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