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Fashion Glossary

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Paenula a roman outergarment made in heavy wool or leather for wear in bad weather.
Pagne a loin-cloth or short petticoat.
Pagoda Sleeves sleeves on men's coats in the early seventeen hundreds which were narrow on the upper arm and then flared in lace once past the elbow.
Palatine a shoulder wrap inspired by the fur stole the Palatine princess wore in the mid-seventeenth century.
Palla latin name for Greek peplos.
Panes strips of ribbon set close together.
Pantaloons women's undergarments which came down to about the knee, evolved to the underwear of today.
Pantelettes little girls' pantaloons that showed beneath the dress hem.
Partlet type of chemisette or 'fill in' for low decolletage.
Passement original name for all types of lace.
Pattens thick soled shoe raised on a heel, common in the Middle Ages. Sometimes made out of wood a worn over slippers.
Peascod Belly padded doublet which gave wearer exaggerated, pointed pot belly. Worn in the late sixteenth century.
Pelicon fur-lined garment worn between chemise and coat, twelfth to fifteenth century.
Pelisse cape, often fur-lined.
Peplos outer garment worn by women in Ancient Greece. It was a large rectangle of material fastened over each shoulder with a fibulae.
Pero boots made from short hairy hide, worn by the agricultural workers under the Romans.
Petit Oie trimming on men's suits during the mid-seventeenth century, usually ribbon.
Pharos a form of peplos worn belted.
Piccadils tabbed or scalloped cuffs and collars.
Pigache shoe with long, upturned, pointed toe which was worn in the twelfth century.
Pileus felt cap worn by men in Rome.
Pinafore originally used to protect dresses from dirt, it was adopted as a fashion piece and worn as a sleeveless dress or over a blouse.
Plastron false front, simulating a blouse or waistcoat.
Points ties used to attach women's sleeves to their gowns.
Pompadour hairstyle where hair is brushed off of forehead into a high roll at the top of the head.
Poncho simply a square or oblong piece of material with an opening for the head.
Pour point name given to doublet.
Princess Dress the skirt and bodice were cut in one piece and the fullness was in the back.

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