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Fashion Glossary

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Tabard a military or ceremonial tunic top.
Tablion embroidered panel worn over mantles. Panel usually portrayed the emperor in metallic and coloured thread.
Tassel a thick fringe of threads tied at the top to make them hang like an ornamental pendant.
Ted(dy) young people's imitation of Edwardian costume long jackets, waistcoats and watch-chains, they wore their hair long and greased.
Templet metal structure which women would wrap their hair around just above their ears in the fifteenth.
Therese a loose head-dress which was worn like a hood that covered the tall bonnets of the late seventeen hundreds.
Tholia high, pointed hat with a brim worn by women of ancient Greece.
Tippet short shoulder cape, worn in medieval times.(b)also a streamer of material used to decorate medieval costume.
Toga most important garment in ancient Rome, it was a piece of woollen material draped elaborately around the body. Different coloured stripes indicated some a particular government office or position of respect.
Torque a neck or wrist ornament of Celtic origin. Usually twisted gold wire with hollow gold tubing and decorative ends.
Touret a woman's head-dress which consisted of a veil which covered the forehead. It has evolved a lot over the centuries and has taken on many different forms of head-dresses.
Tressoir braid of golden silk which was decorated with metal and gems.
Tricorne three-cornered hat.
Trotteur woman's early twentieth century costume which consisted of a tailored suit and sturdy shoes.
Trousers were introduced earliest by horse-riding peoples, later they became accepted as general informal wear by men, and later still for women.
Trunk Sleeves wide at the top and becoming narrow at the wrists.
Tunic originally a Greek or Roman uni-sex garment, adopted in modern fashion and worn belted, unbelted, or over another skirt.
Turban eastern head-dress a long piece of cloth is rolled, criss-crossing until the ends are tucked into the folds. Used by many communities, but especially used by Sikhs.

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